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(A) Satchel in Space (or what a 100 grand looks like from 200 miles away)

If you ask any of our site supervisors what’s one of the worst things that can happen on a job site, the first response you’ll inevitably hear will be “getting hurt.” No one wants that, but the second will be “losing tools.” This is a big problem, and despite the use of Sharpies or label makers, it unfortunately happens all the time. A pair of pliers aren’t where you think you left them, or a set of drill bits seemingly got up and just walked away, and while it’s frustrating and sometimes costly, it could be a lot worse.

Apparently, construction crews are not the only professionals who get clumsy or forgetful with their tools; astronauts are just as prone to the same thing! On November 1, while performing a maintenance spacewalk for the International Space Station, a tool bag worth over 100K accidentally drifted away from two astronauts and promptly took up orbit around our planet. The satchel (no relation) full of NASA tools is now hurtling through space near the ISS and is visible via a decent telescope or a pair of very good binoculars.

Read the full story here…

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